2017-2018 NBA Season’s “Top Five by Position”: Point Guard Edition

The 2018 season was another great season with great players. I am going to divide players by position and rank them. Today I will start this “Top Five by Position” with the ball handlers, the IQ, the point guard. (MINIMUM 60 GAMES PLAYED; Sorry Curry and Wall fans.)


Honorable Mention: Goran Dragic, Jrue Holiday, Dennis Schroder, Kemba Walker (just missing the cut), and Spencer Dinwiddie.


You may be asking, “Spencer Dinwiddie? Who the hell is that?” Spencer Dinwiddie is the Nets starting point guard and put up 12.6 points, 6.6 assists(10th), and 3.2 rebounds. These numbers seem decent at best, but let’s dive deeper into his statistics. He more than doubled his assists numbers and had an insane 4.09 assist to turnover ratio. To put this into perspective, leading assist getter Russell Westbrook had a 2.15 assist to turnover ratio. Chris Paul, widely known as an elite passer, had a 3.57. This proves Dinwiddie is a solid point guard; and at just 25, he has plenty of room to improve.


  1. Chris Paul

Image result

Chris Paul is the Rockets point guard, James Harden is their shooting guard. As the second-best player on the best team in the West, Chris Paul averaged 18.6 PPG, 7.9 APG, and 5.4 RPG in his first season with the Houston Rockets. Paul’s ability to mesh with James Harden almost instantly is impressive, and is impact is not debatable. As a leader, Chris Paul’s veteran instinct helps the Rockets greatly and his impact on the court as a player and leader give him the five spot on this list.


  1. Kyrie Irving

Image result

Literally just making the 60-game cut off, missing 22 games of action definitely impacted Kyrie’s spot on this list. This being said, he is still a top five point guard in the NBA. Kyrie’s 24.4 PPG, along with his 5.1 APG and 3.8 RPG helped take the Boston Celtics to the number one seed in the Eastern Conference. The reason Kyrie doesn’t crack the top 3 is because, in Kyrie’s absence, Terry Rozier stepped up and took over. Brad Stevens is a great coach, and the Celtics system helps elevate the point guard position. This in mind, Kyrie is still a phenomenal point guard, and the fourth on this list.


  1. Ben Simmons

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The 6’10 Australian native is a lock for rookie of the year (sorry Mitchell), and falls at the number three spot in our list. Averaging 15.9 PPG as a rookie is pretty impressive, but what is the most impressive is shooting 55% and being tied for fourth in assists with 8.2 APG. Simmons also joins Russell Westbrook as the only guard within the top 20 in rebounds per game, averaging 8.2 of those as well. Simmons has taken over as the leader of the Philadelphia 76ers. His insane court vision mixed with LeBron-esq basketball IQ locks up the number 3 spot for the future of the NBA, Ben Simmons.


  1. Damian Lillard

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         Not to be denied his all-star appearance again, Lillard looked like a man on a mission this regular season. Ranking fourth in points per game with 26.8, leading point guards, Lillard carried the Trail Blazers to a 3 seed. Lillard also notched 6.5 assists and 4.5 rebounds per game. Lillard looked determined to prove his worth this season, and in doing so, secured his spot as the second-best point guard on this list.


  1. Russell Westbrook

Image result

Mr. Triple Double does it again. Averaging an astounding 25.4 PPG, 10.3 APG (tops in the NBA), and 10.1 RPG (thanks to his last regular season game where he notched 20 rebounds), Russell Westbrook averaged a triple double again. Nothing more needs to be said about the defending MVP. Westbrook was the best point guard of the 2017-2018 NBA Season.


Written by: Jake Gratzinger

Twitter: @JakeGratz20

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