Chaos in Champions League

Soccer. A 22 man game composed of two teams with 11 field players on both sides, 10 field players and a goalie. The goal of soccer (no play on words) is to kick or shoot the round ball into the opponents net, whoever scores more goals wins. The game of soccer is played on a grass field that measures the distance of 100 yards long by 70 yards wide. For some who are not aware, the UEFA Champions League tournament is a big deal and a prestigious honor to play in across the pond. Unfortunately, the United States has tried to adopt and perfect European soccer but still continue to fail in their efforts. Aside from that, the Champions League tournament is filled with Europes most competitive soccer teams. From Real Madrid to Barcelona to Manchester United. Teams must qualify from their respected leagues in their individual countries to play in this tournament. For example, Manchester United represented one of the teams from England this year. This tournament begins with a 32 team round robin group stage and then proceeds to get smaller and smaller. Every time two teams play, they compete in two legs. Compared to American sports it is all-in-all a two game series playing a home and away game but, this is where it gets interesting. In the two legs, one must clearly win to advance but, scoring plays a huge role which is pretty much self-explanatory. The scoring of these two games is crucial because teams advance on aggregate. Aggregate refers to the score of both legs combined. Also, scoring away goals is a key element to advancing. Practically, scoring one away goal is equivalent to scoring two goals. For example, an away team can tie the first leg 1-1 then later tie the second leg 0-0 and advance because they scored more away goals. This particular week was very exciting in Champions League. They wrapped up the quarterfinals and teams advanced to the semifinals. Two English powerhouses squared off in the first leg of the quarterfinals. Liverpool faced Manchester City. Liverpool dominated legs one and two and advanced on aggregate 5-1. Liverpool has arguably the hottest player on the planet in Mo Salah right now in their starting 11. In the second quarterfinal game, the ridiculously good Real Madrid (Spain) squad squared off against Juventus (Italy). Real Madrid won the first leg 3-0 at home and lost the second leg 3-1 away but, advanced due to away goals. Juventus suffered a heart breaking blow in the dying seconds giving up a controversial penalty kick. Living legend Cristiano Ronaldo scored the dagger to help Real Madrid advance. Ronaldo has scored 41 goals in all competitions this season. In the other game Barcelona (Spain) versed Roma (Italy) . Many believed Barcelona would advance and were the heavy favorites. Barcelona won the first leg 4-1 at home but, lost the second leg away 3-0. This means that Roma advances on aggregate 4-4 because they scored more away goals, ending Barcelona’s Champions League run. Finally, Bayern Munich (Germany) played another dominate team in Sevilla (Spain). Bayern won the first leg 2-1 and tied the second leg 0-0. Bayern advanced on aggregate 2-1. Although that was a lot to handle for some tune in on April 24th and 25th for Leg 1 of the semifinals and Leg 2 on May 1st and 2nd. The final is May 26th in Kyiv, Ukraine.


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