Donte’s Inferno

Last night Villanova took down Michigan 79-62 to secure their second National Championship in the last three years! They dominated through the tournament beating Radford, Alabama, West Virginia, Texas Tech, Kansas and Michigan, winning every game by at least 12 points. they hit a record 18 threes in a semi-final game as they whooped Kansas 95-79. In the final four (semi-finals and title game) they hit a record 28 3-pointers. Last night their win came with a huge contribution from sixth man Donte DiVincenzo.

By all means Villanova played somewhat of an off game last night, only two players scored in double figures; Mikal Bridges with 19 points and DiVincenzo with 31 points. Jalen Brunson (9p, 2a, 2r) took a back seat to DiVincenzo last night because of foul trouble so he sacrificed some minutes and shots for Donte. When Jalen was in the game he was constanlty feeding the hot hand, showing his unselfishness.

31 points, 3 assists, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks. DiVincenzo’s official stat line last night was extremely impressive. DiVincenzo was having a pretty good season for a sixth man, averaging 13p, 4.8r, 3.5a and shooting 48% (40% from three) on the year. He always provided good play off the bench but as you can see by his numbers last night, he was a different beast. He played a team leading 37 minutes last night, which is a pretty big jump from his average this season which was 29 minutes. Nova started off the game struggling trailing for the first 4 minutes or so, until Donte checked into the game and shifted the momentum and Nova never looked back. He shot 10/15 from the field (5/7 from three), and 6-10 from the line. At every moment when Michigan would try to claw back Donte would come up with a big play like hitting a three or his HUGE block on Michigan’s Charles Matthews. Rightfully so, Donte went on to win Most Outstanding Player for the National Championship. Thanks to his great play and his teammates unselfishness, Nova was cutting down the net last night yet again.


Villanova plays such a great team game. They have not a single one-and-done on their roster and the players have fully bought into this school, their coach Jay Wright and most importantly each other. Watching the press conference after the game with Brunson and Bridges this couldn’t have been any clearer, as they praised DiVincenzo for his amazing game, and Jay Wright and Villanova staff for molding them into good men. This year’s team is one of the most dominant teams in the tournament I have ever seen, they did’nt have their best game and the player of the year sitting a lot due to foul trouble and still won the title game by 15 points.. Villanova shows the rest of the country how college basketball should be. It looks like we have a new dynasty in college basketball.

Written By Vince LoBiondo

@vince_lobiondo @PHIToughSports

(Photos via: Bleacher Report & Bob Donnan – USA Today Sports)

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