Ben Simmons is Rookie of The Year

Fresh off his third triple-double in the last four games(!!!), I thought it would be appropriate to tell you that this man deserves to be Rookie of the Year.

Last night in a win against the Hornets, Simmons became the only rookie in the last 20 years to have 15 assists and no turnovers. This is a great stat for a vet in the league let alone a rookie. Simmons had 11 points (4/9 shooting), 12 rebounds, 15 assists, 3 steals, 0 turnovers and was +30 in 33 minutes

Ben now has the 3rd most triple doubles in the league, behind LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, at 9. Ben Simmons now has more triple doubles through his first 68 games than; Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, David Robinson, Bill Walton, Walt Frazier, etc.

The duo of Simmons and Embiid has been dominant and extremely efficient this year. I see a lot of people saying “Ben Simmons is nothing without Joel Embiid.” This narrative is not true. Ben Simmons this season averages 16 pts, 8 ast, 8 reb, 54% FG% and 3.5 to. In games without Joel (12 games), Ben averages the same points, assists and rebounds and averages a 2% lower FG% and 1 more turnover. Given there are some games where he turns the ball over a good amount but with a young primary ball handler that is bound to happen, but he stays pretty much the same with or without Joel. The rest of the team suffers without him. In the 12 games Joel missed the Sixers are 3-9 (9 of these games were away), Ben always stays the same and productive. So a mix of playing road games and the teams youth leads to them to lose some of these games without Joel, but Ben is a great player with or without Joel.

Now Donavan Mitchell, Ben Simmons primary “competition” for Rookie of the Year. Mitchell is a good player don’t get me wrong, but Simmons is miles ahead. Ben leads Donavan in every major stat besides PPG and 3PT% (Ben has attempted 0 on the year). Ben can do it all, he is a great passer/play-maker, rebounder and even though his jump shot isn’t developed yet, the man gets to the rim with ease. Defenders know exactly what Ben is gonna do (scoring wise) and they still can’t stop him.

FullSizeRender-3Donavan Mitchell Averages: 19.9 Pts, 3.7 Reb, 3.6 Ast, 34% FG%.

Ben Simmons Averages: 16.2 Pts, 7.8 Reb, 7.9 Ast, 53.5% FG%

Ben is not that far behind in points but has a solid lead on everything else over Mitchell. Mitchell will be a good player in this league but I believe Ben Simmons is going to be one of the best players we ever see play. Ben looks like he’s a vet in his rookie year. The only things he needs to work on are his shot (including FTs) and turnovers, but he is extremely young and will have plenty of time to work on those. For these reasons I think its obvious that Ben Simmons deserves to win Rookie of the Year. #TrustTheProcess

Written By Vince LoBiondo

@PHIToughSports @vince_lobiondo

(Photos via: @bensimmons Instagram)

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