Stop Taking JJ Redick For Granted

The criticism JJ Redick receives from Sixer fans is absolutely ridiculous. They constantly bring up the fact that he makes $23 million dollars or that he isn’t consistent enough. Well, first off, the dude is not going to knock down five three pointers a game. I don’t know where these expectations come from. Players have off nights and for the majority of the year, he has been ON. Secondly, and this one makes me laugh the most. HE MAKES $23 MILLION DOLLARS BECAUSE HE IS ON A ONE YEAR DEAL! He had a three year deal on the table for less per with Houston. So, in order to get him to sign here for a year, you had to pay up. It’s only one year. That money either gets used or it doesn’t.

Redick, 33, is having a career year here in Philadelphia. Averaging career highs in points (16.7), minutes (31.5), rebounds (2.6) and free throw percentage (93%). He’s also averaging 3.2 assists a game, which for a guy who was brought here to come off screens and shoot, is pretty damn good. The most surprising factor Redick has brought with him is his defense. Brett Brown deserves a lot of credit for that. For some reason, though, people still aren’t happy. Blows my mind.

JJ loves it here. He loves the city. He loves the future of this team. And he loves playing for Coach Brown. He’s openly stated many times that he wants to play here beyond this year, and rightfully so. Obviously, he will not be making as much, but maybe a 2 year, $28-30 million dollar deal can get it done. The Sixers don’t need Redick, but he is a piece that can help their offense reach it’s peak. Brett Brown loves to space the floor. So, if Redick isn’t resigned you really aren’t doing yourself any favors. I firmly believe the Sixers would not be at 35 wins already if it wasn’t for this guy. I mean, Redick pretty much won the Sixers that game against Indiana early in the season. A win that put us above .500 for the first time in four years. Put some respeck on his name.

Written by: Dan McGuckin

Twitter: @danmcguckin_

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