Who Should The Browns Draft 1st Overall?

Another NFL Draft, another year of discussing who the Cleveland Browns should use the first overall pick on. An important thing to remember is the Browns also hold the fourth overall pick. I’ll talk about the three players who have been discussed most as the probable #1 pick:

Josh Allen: The junior quarterback from Wyoming currently sits at #1 on Mel Kiper Jr’s Mock Draft. Allen is very tall, standing at 6’5 and has the strongest arm in this draft. He’s very athletic and has great movement in the pocket and is efficient at throwing on the run. He reminds me of Carson Wentz in the ways that I just mentioned. Another plus for Allen is that he has a lot of film in a “pro-style” offense.                                                         2017 Stats: 2,018 Total Yards|21 Total Touchdowns|6 Interceptions|Completion Percentage: 56.3%

Saquon Barkley: Saquon Barkley is the best player in this draft according to many. The junior running back from Penn State is the definition of a play-maker. He lead Penn State to an impressive 2017 season where they were ranked #1 for a while (they went on to miss the playoff). For a majority of the year he was Heisman favorite but a few subpar games set him back. He can kill you by land or air as he is extremely efficient in both. He has insane speed and is very shifty and the defense is always looking out for him. He can be the spark plug for an offense.                                                                                                            2017 Stats: 1,903 Total Yards | 21 Total Touchdowns |7 Yards From Scrimmage Per Play

Sam Darnold: Sam Darnold to me is the best QB prospect in this draft. He has a good pocket presence and he possess pretty good athleticism and can run it effectively when necessary. He also has good accuracy both in the pocket and on the run. He also stays poised in a collapsing pocket and delivers good throws. One negative is that at time his decision making can be questionable, he sometimes tries forcing it.                                              2017 Stats: 4,225 Total Yards | 31 Total Touchdowns | 13 Interceptions | Completion Percentage: 63.1%

The Verdict: After watching all these players play I believe the Browns should take Saquon Barkley at #1. He is the best player in this draft and when he’s on the field he is a big play waiting to happen. The Browns desperately lack playmakers and Saquon would change that. They could pick up a QB at #4, maybe even being able to still get Darnold or Allen. Or they could look at Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen if the other two are gone. Saquon could bring life to the Browns offense and that’s why I believe he should be the #1 pick in the 2018 NFL draft.

Written By Vince LoBiondo

@PHIToughSports @vince_lobiondo

(Photo: Getty Images)

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