LeBron To Philly? Don’t Rule It Out.

Naturally, when a star player in a professional sport is set to hit free agency, there’s always speculation on what city he could be playing in next. However, this isn’t an average star. This is LeBron James, the best basketball player on the planet.

James has never been a secretive guy. He’s big on social media and almost anything he posts causes curiosity. Then, there’s always the rumors that come out of his “camp”. Rumors have followed him his entire career. The most recent ones involve him signing with San Antonio, Houston and even the most ridiculous one of all, the Golden State Warriors.

But I’m here to tell you that there’s a dark horse in these LeBron sweepstakes. That “dark horse” is the Philadelphia 76ers. With an influx of young, superstar like talent and an absurd amount of cap room, it seems like a perfect match. It doesn’t just end there, though. Ben Simmons and LeBron James share the same agent, Rich Paul. It seems as if James has taken Simmons under his wing. They’ve trained together on multiple occasions and its just so fitting that LeBron told Ben “You can be better than me. You just have to put the work in.” And who are we kidding? When has James ever had a legit big man? Joel Embiid hasn’t even played a full 82 games yet and is already a top 10 player in this league and arguably the best center. His impact is undeniable. The more games they play, the better they get. These two young guns could take a huge load off of LeBron’s shoulders. At this point in his career, a lighter workload is just what he needs.

Joshua Harris, principle owner of the 76ers, has openly stated that paying the luxury tax is key in order to win a championship. That’s the right mentality. If you can resign shooters like J.J. Redick and Marco Belinelli and bring in a player like LeBron James and potentially another shooter, this roster will be one of the deepest in the league. It also moves your best perimeter defender in Robert Covington to the bench. A role many people think he’s more suited for.

Many outsiders will laugh at this idea, and rightfully so. This team won 10 games just two years ago. But there is no denying anymore that this team is built for the long haul. Kudos to Chris Broussard, the only guy in the national media to bring up the 76ers as a destination for LeBron’s services. He’s also said that Philly is the future of the East, not Boston. Adding LeBron almost guarantees Philadelphia a date with Golden State in June of 2019. Inexperienced roster? Yes, for the most part. But I don’t think it’s crazy to say that this could potentially be the best supporting cast James has ever had. Trust the Process.

Written by: Dan McGuckin





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