The NBA All Star Game is Great Again

(Above: LeBron celebrates as his team secures a victory in the All Star Game)

Last night was the 2018 NBA All Star game. It was the debut of the new captain/drafting system. This new system definitely sparked some extra interest in the game, especially because of how stale the All Star game was starting to become. Year after year defense and competition takes a backseat to extremely high scoring and flashy dunks, so everyone was hoping this new system would rejuvenate the game.

When the game started, after having to suffer through Fergie’s national anthem, we were in for a treat. Team LeBron and Team Stephen both made it clear they were there to win the game. Right off the bat you could tell there was a whole lot more defense being played than usual, fouls being called, blocked shots, all that good stuff we’ve been waiting to see. The game was still very high scoring and there were still flashy dunks and a plethora of long range three pointers, but you could tell both teams really wanted to win the game. Was this because the winning team was rewarded with a $100,000 bonus for each player? Because they wanted to give the fans what they have been asking for? Or they just wanted to compete and prove which team was better? Whatever it was I’m not complaining.

In the end Team LeBron won 148-145  in a nail biter coming down to the final seconds. A defensive stop by LeBron and KD trapping Steph Curry in the corner secured the win. The last sentence alone should show you how the game has changed. Captain LeBron himself took home his third All Star MVP after flirting with a triple double and putting up 29 points 10 rebounds and 8 assists.

Some of the many great moments from last night included: Draymond Green not being able to hold back laughter during Fergie’s (horrible) rendition of the National Anthem. Anthony Davis starting the game wearing DeMarcus Cousin’s jersey. Kyrie and LeBron sharing some laughs on the bench. Joel Emiid jawing at (possible future teammate??) LeBron James and picking up a block on his recent enemy Russell Westbrook.

All in all it was a game that still provided us with the flashy play and high scoring, but also a new level of competition and players wanting to win. This new system of drafting teams has effectively made the All Star Game better than ever before. Adam Silver said after the game last night that it’s looking like next year’s All Star Draft will be televised, which is a great move by the NBA because it’s what the people want. I look forward to seeing future All Star Games with the new format.

Written by Vince LoBiondo

@PHIToughSports @vince_lobiondo

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