LeBron James Claps Back at “Shut Up and Dribble” Comments

Oh, sports and politics, the debate of the two being intertwined continues. Fox News host and journalist Laura Ingraham seems to believe the two should not be mixed. Ingraham refers to LeBron as, “ignorant” and says it’s a poor idea to “seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million to bounce a ball.” She also suggests that LeBron should “Shut up and dribble.” Ingraham also suggests he leave the political comments to those who didn’t leave high school a year early. These comments are referring back to James’ video with Kevin Durant, NBA All-Star and Finals MVP, criticizing President Trump.

LeBron didn’t leave high school a year early, donates millions back to his home town, Akron, Ohio, to go towards education, and is one of the most politically involved athletes in history. If anyone in this situation is ignorant, it would have to be Ingraham. She generalizes all athletes referring to athletes as “them,” and asks, “Must they run their mouths like that?” That may come across as racist to some, although I will cut Ingraham some slack, I don’t believe that was her intent. I believe her intent was to categorize all athletes into one pool of a lower intelligence level because of the “jock” stereotype.

Ingraham comes off as condescending, thinking she’s better than those athletes because they didn’t all get a college degree from Dartmouth like she did. She gives athletes the “jock” stereotype, so why not give her the “Ivy League graduate, so I think I’m better than everyone,” stereotype. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, LeBron and Laura alike. Laura’s degree from the Ivy League college gives her no more right to discuss politics than LeBron’s lack of a college degree. Sports are a tremendous platform to get across political views and opinions, and I hope LeBron, and others, continue to use it as such.

Written by Jake Gratzinger

@JakeGratz20 @PHIToughSports

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