Adam Silver Wants to Shake Up the NBA and We’re All For It

This weekend’s All Star Game already gave us a little taste of something new. To add to the new All Star format, there are rumors of an alternate Playoff bracket in the NBA.

David Stern has been out of office for about 4 years now and it’s officially the Adam Silver era. Recently Silver has been pretty vocal about a few specific topics regarding his league. Silver has continued to discuss eliminating one of the more outlandish rules in the NBA, the “one and done” rule. His most recent talk of change in the NBA came during All Star weekend when Silver talked about his idea to make the NBA playoffs a 16-team seeding format where the 16 best teams make the postseason regardless of what conference they belong to. David Aschburner has a piece on regarding the playoff change and some other talks of change around the league.

Will the NBA ever surpass the NFL when it comes to ratings; or even the MLB for that matter? Probably not. Baseball is America’s past time and Football is just, well, Football. But I think Silver and his NBA superstars can give it a shot. I mean with players in the league like Joel Embiid and LeBron James, it’s kind of hard not to enjoy the sport. Nonetheless, I think Silver and his guys need to take some immediate actions.

First order of business should be the “one and done” rule. As a fellow fan of the NBA I want to see the rawest talent displayed. I want point guards jumping over centers. I want to see kids who can barely buy a pack of cigarettes dropping triple-double numbers in the NBA. The debate about the “one and done” rule may exist in the fact that it’s making the NCAA more competitive, but those kids who have a chance to bypass college are going to take that chance 10 times out of 10.

cav v thun

An NBA where the “one and done” rule doesn’t exist has been around before; we know what that’s like. However, a Sweet-Sixteen bracket to decide an NBA champion? That’s something new. I think many people would agree that this change would be something to get used to. Having the Cavs play the Thunder in the first round is a little strange, but it’s what’s going to make the NBA playoffs just a little more fun to watch. It’s a change. We like change. It would be interesting to see never before seen match ups all throughout the postseason. It would also straighten out the dominant Western Conference and the top-heavy Eastern Conference. Silver has talked more about the change saying that team travel might become an issue, but us fans aren’t too concerned about that to be honest.

The Cavs have played the Warriors 3 years in a row. I’m all for teams establishing dynasties in the NBA but at some point in time it gets old seeing NBA Finals with the same Curry 3’s and LeBron chase down blocks. They’re great players and only the greats belong in the finals, don’t get me wrong, but I think a change is needed and I think it could help out the NBA as a whole. Whatever the future changes may be, I like the thought process of Adam Silver. He’s got his league going in the right direction. Hopefully a playoff change can positively reflect into the regular season. The more entertainment, the higher the ratings, remember that at your next staff meeting Mr. Silver.

Unfortunately, we’re still stuck with the boring “one and done” rule and a Western Conference dominating league. But, becoming the best professional sport is a process. Joel Embiid says it best. #TTP

Written by Brian Nowosielski



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